George Island, Inian Islands

Aug 29, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Bird

Oh, what a glorious morning! Everyone aboard National Geographic Sea Bird awoke to the warmth of a sun slowly burning off the fog that had engulfed us during the night. We found ourselves securely anchored off the largest of the George Islands in Cross Sound. This island was the site of a small garrison of between 18 and 20 men stationed here in July 1942 until the end of WWII. The U.S. Navy left them with a six-inch artillery gun and orders to hold the pass against possible Japanese Naval invasion! Can you imagine? We hiked and kayaked around this former military installation now overgrown by mushrooms, moss, and lichens. 

Our afternoon in the Inian Islands was spent among harbor seals, Steller sea lions, sea otters, humpback whales, and bald eagles. As the tide race roared, we boated through whirlpools and boils and a rollicking river running right through the middle of it all! We felt privileged to see and photograph the abundance of life all around us! 

Stay tuned, dear reader, as tomorrow we head into Glacier Bay National Park!

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About the Author

Michael Nolan

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Michael Nolan was born in Bitburg, Germany to an Air Force family stationed there. His first experience of the ocean came at age 12, when he learned to snorkel in the Italian Mediterranean. At age 17 he moved to Tucson, Arizona and became a PADI SCUBA instructor, before starting a SCUBA diving business that specialized in diving trips to the Sea of Cortez.

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