Marokua, French Polynesia

Sep 03, 2018 - National Geographic Orion

Despite the incessant winds and waves, we skillfully managed to approach Marokua Atoll, a seldom-visited site where a small community of around ninety people happily received us. To our surprise (and speaking from theirs surely!) we were told to be the first tourists they have ever received on the island! The very heavy tropical rain that unleashed after our arrival did not prevent us from sharing some interesting hours with the locals and learning about their lives through a mixture of our broken French and English words. The locals have been waiting this heavy rain for some time, as this is their principal source to replenish their water tanks of fresh water, do their laundry, etc. After a few hours ashore and an exciting ride back, we resumed our trip to the east.

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Santiago Imberti


An ornithologist, photographer, fisherman, climber, and writer, Santiago Imberti was born and raised in southern Patagonia, Argentina. He obtained a degree in tourism and later in ornithology, which allowed him to combine his love for nature and the outdoors with his work as a birdwatcher, naturalist, fly fishing, and mountain guide. He has been guiding trips in Patagonia, the Antarctic, and Arctic for some 25 years.

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