Tracy Arm/Ford’s Terror Wilderness

Sep 06, 2018 - National Geographic Quest

Today we explored the Tracy Arm/Ford’s Terror wilderness. It was a day for gathering on the bow to gaze at cliffs and waterfalls, glaciers, and glacially carved valleys as we made our way up Endicott Fjord.  We listened to a presentation about geology; a story that, in this ice-exposed landscape, we could see happening all around us.  After lunch we boarded Zodiacs to meander through floating ice to near the face of the tidewater glacier that fronts this 32-mile-long fjord.

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About the Author

Linda Nicklin


After graduating from Stanford University with a degree in biology and anthropology, Linda Nicklin relocated to Alaska, where she fell in love with the state while spending summers in remote wilderness camps doing botanical surveys for the U.S. Forest Service.  She has lived in Juneau for twenty-four years.  

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