Santiago Island

Sep 05, 2018 - National Geographic Endeavour II

Our guests enjoyed an optional early walk at Espumilla Beach this morning. A beautiful inorganic beach, a perfect setting for an awesome morning. There were 17 juvenile Galapagos hawks hunting ghost crabs. What a spectacle! The second part of the morning was spent at Buccaneer’s Cove; a great location for water activities. From deep water snorkeling in crystal clear waters with colorful fish, to several rounds of glass bottom boat, kayaking and paddle boarding. In the afternoon we visited Puerto Egas; a second easy snorkeling stop off the black sandy beach, a delight for many guests and right afterwards a walk along the coastal area, where a male sea lion got a tuna fish in the intertidal zone. What a gorgeous day in paradise!

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About the Author

Vanessa Gallo


Vanessa Gallo’s grandparents arrived in the Galápagos Islands in 1936, making her the third generation of her family to live and work in this magical archipelago. She left the islands for the capital city of Quito for high school, where she discovered that learning foreign languages was one of her main interests. Coming from a family of naturalist guides, it was not a surprise that she also became one at the age of 17. Vanessa left the islands once again for Switzerland, where she earned a diploma in tourism and strengthened her language skills and knowledge of the travel industry. She has also travelled extensively to destinations including as Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Canada, the Canary Islands, Mauritius, and many European countries.

About the Photographer

Socrates Tomala

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Socrates was raised on Santa Cruz Island located in the heart of Galapagos Archipelago.  After a childhood filled with swimming, scuba diving, rock climbing and volunteering in conservation projects, he grew very passionate about the outdoors and the natural world. 

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