Friday Harbor, San Juan Islands

Sep 14, 2018 - National Geographic Quest

Continuing with the fantastic weather theme of this southbound cruise from Sitka to Seattle, we enjoyed another idyllic, sunny day in the charming coastal town of Friday Harbor.  Many pleasure boats docked at the marina and a seafood market was busy selling Dungeness crabs and fish.  Known as the gateway to the San Juan Islands, we walked around Friday Harbor’s streets, visiting small colorful shops, and the historic whale museum. We learned about the stresses on orca populations and several guests commented on how fortunate we have been in seeing these remarkable animals among the many other incredible opportunities we have had the last 2 weeks. We returned to cruising the calm, glassy waters of Puget Sound searching for wildlife.  We spotted harbor seals resting on the alga covered rocks and rhinoceros auklets (also called unicorn puffins) were seen diving into the water as the vessel approached.  The expedition leader Rab Cummings and Captain Thomas Morin shared their final thoughts summarizing what a remarkable journey we have experienced together.

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About the Author

Jason Jones

Jason Jones


Jason Jones has extensive experience with research and conservation projects. From snails to whales, his interests range widely, including birds, dolphins, fish, insects, seals, sea lions, and sea turtles. His early fascination with fishing, tidepooling, and the outdoors sparked his childhood motivation to maintain several personal aquariums. By high school he was working at the Texas State Aquarium as a guide and animal care technician.

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