Nez Perce National Historical Park

Sep 16, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Lion

Today on our expedition of discovery we ventured into the heart of America’s deepest canyon: the Hells Canyon National Recreational Area! Truly a landscape of superlatives, we journeyed 55 miles up the Snake River in special shallow-draft jet boats to marvel at columnar basalts, golden fields of poa grasses, sparkling granite-sand beaches, and wildlife abounding. Pictographs survive here from a time even before the Nez Perce, to whom this area is homeland. Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery found a similar environment & wildlife as their course took them toward the Columbia River, and finally the Pacific Ocean.


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Sarah Keefer


Sarah’s fondest memories of nature are experiences she’s shared with friends—especially when those experiences involve spotting wildlife from the bow of a ship! She’s captivated by the wonders of the natural world, and it was the lure of expansive wilderness and exotic destinations that inspired her to study wildlife biology at both the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the University of Hawai’i Honolulu. Sarah was first partial to mammalian studies, and it wasn’t until her first season as a field naturalist in Southeast Alaska that she began to truly appreciate watching birds and what they could teach us about patience, integrity, and hope.

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