Victoria, British Columbia

Oct 10, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Bird

Victoria welcomed us with open arms, fabulous weather, and lots of fun and adventure. We had guided tours of the Royal BC Museum, secret gardens, and history walks. We enjoyed a reception at The Robert Bateman Centre while viewing the work of Canada’s premier wildlife artist. We noticed that Victoria has found a way to license cuteness: The water taxis that ply the harbor are probably the cutest boats afloat in any city.

The sunset revealed a magical city of lights. The Parliament building is outlined in lights; The Robert Bateman Centre is glowing with purple light; and of course, the Empress and Grand Pacific hotels are always majestic. As the witching hour approached, we were able to participate in a ghost walk that explored Victoria’s darker side.

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About the Author

Owen Walker

Cultural Specialist

Owen B Walker was born in Moab, Utah and raised in very rural North Idaho. He graduated high school in Palmer, Alaska, where Northwest Native Art first stirred his soul. After achieving a degree in Sociology/Anthropology from Western Washington University, Owen focused on pre-historic peoples and places of the Pacific Northwest.  This interest and his 40 plus years of living and working in the rural Pacific Northwest awakened a spiritual connection, which he chooses to express thru Northwest Coast Native Art. 

About the Videographer

Eric Barnes

Video Chronicler

Eric is a native of Southern California and has been taking pictures for as long as he can remember.  He made a career as a news photographer, working for local and national news agencies.  As a photojournalist, Eric has documented some of the most important news events both nationally and around the world.  He has covered everything from the tsunami in Thailand to the war in Afghanistan and countless other compelling stories.

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