Kirke Narrows & Strait of Magellan

Oct 17, 2018 - National Geographic Explorer

A stunning day in Patagonia. After we left Puerto Natales, we heard an interesting lecture by Carl Safina, writer and conservationist.

Afterward, we navigated toward Kirke Narrows and unknown adventure. With a clear, blue sky (we could hardly remember what that looked like) and some scattered clouds, the scenic view allowed us to see the full height of the Andes.

Along the way, we enjoyed taking photos of the Burney volcano that was covered with snow due to a recent storm. The volcano is located about 200 km northwest of Punta Arenas and approximately 100 km from Puerto Natales.

Native forests, endemic flora, and several birds accompanied us along the way throughout the exploration until we arrived—with lots of wind but more clear, blue skies—at Strait of Magellan. It was a great day to take photos and enjoy being at the end of the world in Patagonia!

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Maximiliano Morales

Cultural Specialist

Maximiliano Morales is an agricultural engineer and specialist in Chilean and Argentine wines. Since 1998, he has worked as an English-speaking tour guide in wine-focused destinations, organizing tastings and tailor-made wine trips throughout Chile—from its flowering deserts to its mountains and forests, and in Torres del Paine National Park.

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