At Sea, Heading to South Georgia

Oct 29, 2018 - National Geographic Explorer

National Geographic Explorer continued its journey east toward the legendary island of South Georgia. Still reeling from our encounter with about 1,000 southern right whale dolphins the day before, the ship was abuzz with guests comparing photos and stories of the experience. Crossing through the Antarctic Convergence, where the Southern Ocean overtakes the temperate waters of the South Atlantic, we felt a chill in the foggy air, letting us know that we were getting closer. The lectures for the day included a plankton talk, emphasizing the importance of the small life within our oceans, and guest speaker David Sibley, birding legend, demonstrating a live drawing. 

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About the Author

Paul North

Undersea Specialist

Paul North is the founder of the educational nonprofit Meet the Ocean and host of its online podcast. As a polar diver with Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic, he tours the remote underwater landscapes of Antarctica and other sub-zero destinations to emphasize the importance, diversity, and unexpected color of the invertebrate kingdom.

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