South Georgia

Nov 02, 2018 - National Geographic Explorer

We awoke in the foggy but tranquil Ocean Harbour. After breakfast, the weather began to clear, so we headed ashore to meet the local inhabitants. On land, we were greeted by a plethora of elephant seals and their cute, little pups making a cacophony of noises which echoed off the surrounding snow-covered mountains.

Some of the guests chose to kayak with the seals in the calm harbor, and they had a close look at a shipwreck leftover from when the old whaling station was in use. The birders among us were treated to a special sight as a group of skuas fought all morning over their delicious seal breakfast. After a delightful lunch—and a quick nap—we all headed back out to explore Hercules Bay by Zodiac and got to meet our first macaroni penguins.

What a spectacular day in South Georgia! We can’t wait for what we’ll discover tomorrow on this beautiful island.

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About the Author

Adam Cropp

Adam Cropp

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

A passionately curious person by nature, Adam spends his time exploring remote destinations around the world with like-minded adventurers and sharing his extensive knowledge about the local flora and fauna.  He specializes in the sexual reproduction of marine organisms making his lectures not only educational and eye opening, but extremely entertaining! 

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