Gypsy Cove and Stanly Harbor

Nov 11, 2018 - National Geographic Orion

After a day in the Falkland wilderness, we were ready to explore the capital city Stanley, today. There were various activities offered to highlight the best of this remote town. Wildlife enthusiasts were able to visit Gypsy Cove and see Magellanic penguins, South American sea lions, rock cormorants, black-crowned night herons, long-tailed meadowlarks, and flightless steamer ducks.

Some guests visited the Long Island farm, which is owned by a 6th generation Falkland Islands family, the Watson’s. This farm still runs traditionally, making their own bread, milking cows, using peat for fuel, and using sheepdogs and horses for work. Watching a sheep shearing demonstration was a highlight of the tour.

On the Mount Williams hike, guests got to stretch their legs and have great overlooking views of Stanly harbor. For those who were not in the mood to hike long distances, they took a guided tour of the town to learn more about the history of the area. Knowing that this is our last glimpse of civilization before heading to South Georgia and Antarctica, some guests enjoyed time at the local coffee shop and brewery and picking up some fun souvenirs.

Onward to the Southern Ocean!

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