Grytviken & Godthul, South Georgia

Nov 15, 2018 - National Geographic Explorer

This morning we awoke to beautiful weather as we floated just outside of Grytviken whaling station. The former whaling station is now a world-class museum as well as the location of a small cemetery that is the final resting place of Sir Ernest Shackleton, affectionately known by all who explored with him as The Boss. 

After breakfast and a presentation from the South Georgia Heritage Trust, which now runs the station, we were invited to visit the museum and explore the ruins. Afterward, never ones to let good weather pass us by, we sailed south to Godthul Harbour. We stopped only to spend some time with a few humpback whales. Once at Godthul, we pulled out all stops. Some folks chose to spend the afternoon on the water in kayaks. Others explored the harbor by Zodiac. And still, others preferred to go to land and stretch their legs on a hike up through the tussock grass to visit a small colony of gentoo penguins.

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Eric Pohlman

Eric Pohlman


Having grown up in the wilds of Northern Minnesota, Eric’s lifelong love of nature and a desire to explore was a forgone conclusion. His childhood summers were spent canoeing the lakes of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and his winters were spent exploring those frozen lakes on skis. It was no surprise when he decided to spend his summers working in Alaska’s fishing industry on a four-person commercial salmon fishing boat in Prince William Sound while attending the University of Minnesota. He did take a break to study abroad for a year in Helsinki, Finland.

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