Lindblad Cove and Whalers Bay

Nov 24, 2018 - National Geographic Orion

This is our last day of the expedition of our voyage. We have spent our morning along the coastline of the Antarctic Peninsula, and the afternoon at Deception Island.

This morning, we Zodiac cruised in a small bay, a cove that has been named after our company's owner and creator: Sir Lars Eric Lindblad. In 1966, he brought the first tourists to the Antarctic and in 1999 the Antarctic Place-names Committee accepted the proposal to name this site after him.

We have had very changeable light. Upon arrival, the light was fantastic like in a painting, the sky partly sunny, and the air was dry. Once we were out, it was snowing, and the visibility worsened a lot. From the Zodiac, we have spotted orcas, a minke whale, as well as Adélie and gentoo penguins. Of course, many icebergs of all sizes and shapes were seen along the way. During the afternoon, we visited the whaling station at Deception Island. Some did a walk along the beach, others were more interested in the buildings.

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About the Author

Jonathan Zaccaria

Expedition Leader

At age 24 Jonathan had his first experience in Antarctica as a scientist at the coastal French Dumont d'Urville Station. Located on the windiest place on Earth (regularly around 200km/h, maximum up to 320 km/h), and bounded by sea ice eight months a year, this is the closest station to an Emperor penguin colony, worldwide advertised by the documentary movie The March of the Penguins. During his time there, he was taking measurements of the ozone layer and UV rate.

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