At Sea, Sailing Toward Ushuaia

Nov 26, 2018 - National Geographic Explorer

We’ve had several opportunities throughout this trip to test our sea legs. Last night, we began sailing the home stretch toward Ushuaia and started to feel swells typical of the Drake Passage.

Naturalist Jimmy White gave a mid-morning talk, “A Case for Optimism,” during which he listed several examples of extraordinary tools that could help combat climate warming. He gave us an opportunity to learn about how creativity, ingenuity, and political strategy can make a big difference in a short period of time.

Amy Malkowski expanded our understanding of krill, a keystone species we saw several times swarming around the sea ice in Antarctica. She covered everything from biology to fisheries, showing us the significance of this tiny being.

Finally, we heard from Peter Hillary as he shared his family story with a focus on his father, the famous Sir Edmund Hillary. Sir Hillary was the first man, along with Tenzig Norgay, to reach the summit of Mt. Everest.

It was a bumpy day, but we’ve been tested on the high seas for nearly three weeks now, and most of us carried on, as usual, enjoying cocktails, Recap, and dinner as the swells rolled by outside the windows. We’ll be in the shadow of Cape Horn by morning, and we’ll see our first green grasses since South Georgia. 

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Jennifer Kingsley

National Geographic Explorer

Jennifer Kingsley is a Canadian journalist, a National Geographic Explorer, and the Field Correspondent for Lindblad Expeditions. She has travelled extensively in the global Arctic and throughout the temperate rain forest of the Pacific Rim. After completing her biology degree, she worked in Canada's Rocky Mountain National Parks before moving to British Columbia to specialize in grizzly bear ecology. Jennifer spent several seasons sailing among the whales, bears, and wolves of the Great Bear Rainforest. 

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