Dallmann Bay

Dec 05, 2018 - National Geographic Explorer

This morning the guests aboard National Geographic Explorer awoke to our last beautiful, cloudless day in these true Antarctic waters. Dallmann Bay was the location of the morning’s expeditions—both above and below the surface.

Dallmann Bay was first discovered but left unnamed by a German expedition under Dallmann, 1872-74. The islands were re-sighted and roughly charted by the French Antarctic Expedition under Charcot, 1903-05. Charcot named what he believed to be the largest easternmost island in the nearby Melchior Group “Île Melchior” after Vice Admiral Melchior of the French Navy, but later surveys proved Charcot’s “Île Melchior” to be two islands—now called Eta Island and Omega Island. The name Melchior Islands has since become the name for the whole island group, of which Eta and Omega islands are a part.

With the sun shining, we loaded into our Zodiacs, eager for one last cruise along the coastline to search for wildlife, ground icebergs, and a glimpse of the undersea team emerging from the depths.

Before setting sail, we needed to acknowledge one last tradition—the Polar Plunge! The mudroom was packed with adventurous guests, full of anticipation and offering support, as fellow travelers took the leap into near-freezing waters. Some even returned for seconds! With warm towels, pats on backs, and laughs all around, we closed our Antarctic chapter in style. 

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About the Author

Beau Price


Born on the Northern Beaches, New South wales and raised on the coast of tropical Queensland, Australia, Beau developed his love for the ocean and all things water at an early age.  Throughout high school, he began planning his career to revolve around water, and became a Dive Master. Propelled by his passion, he quickly climbed the ranks to become a Master Instructor, teaching and supervising various specialties, both in technical and recreational diving. During this time, he also became the head service technician for a number of companies and founded NARC’D Diving Services.

About the Photographer

Martin Cohen


Martin grew up in Melbourne playing cricket and Australian Rules football. While growing up, and to his parents’ dismay, Martin brought home and kept a menagerie of wildlife including frogs, lizards, turtles, and even poisonous snakes!

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