At Sea in the Drake Passage

Dec 25, 2018 - National Geographic Orion

It’s Christmas! The whole ship has been alive with laughter and noise today as we celebrated. The morning was filled with a wonderful talk from Marylou on Antarctica’s incredible ice and geology. This was followed mostly by games played in the lounge. It was lovely to see a sea of Santa hats across the ship.

Around us the Drake Passage was calm, offering us a gentle ride back up to Ushuaia. Black-browed albatross, cape petrels, and fulmars spiraled around the ship, leading our way back north. Lunch was a spread of turkey and ham with all the trimmings and the dining room was festively decorated for the season. Everyone sat down to a lovely Christmas lunch. Now after ten days at sea together, we are less a group of strangers and more a party of firm friends.

After dinner, I gave a talk on the killer whales of the Southern Ocean and then, we enjoyed more Christmas food! This time a variety of festive cakes and treats. We finished up the day with a big recap, coving a range of topics from humpback whale brains, citizen science, and beautiful photography from our adventure.

Dinner was a buffet in the lounge and everyone had a chance to enjoy a Christmas evening in their own way. A lovely festive day at sea! 

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Growing up, Ella spent much of her time swimming and kayaking in the cold waters off the rugged coast of West Wales. It was there that she first found her love of the ocean. From those early beginnings she went on to study Biology at undergraduate degree and Environmental Biology, Conservation and Resource Management to Masters degree level, at Swansea University. During her studies, Ella took an ecosystem approach towards assessing the health of our marine systems, with her specialism being in our oceans apex predators, the cetaceans. Following her studies, Ella decided to put her scientific background to good use and move into marine conservation.

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