Bona & Otoque archipelago, Gulf of Panama, Panama

Dec 27, 2018 - National Geographic Quest

Today we had the opportunity to visit the Bona islet. This area is part of a rich marine ecosystem where the upwelling process creates a big amount of nutrients that holds a vast population of seabirds such as brown boobies, magnificent frigate birds, and brown pelicans among others. These graceful and elegant birds of coastal skies use the rocky surface of the islets to nest in good numbers and at the same time the fly across the zodiacs to impress the nature photographers with their beauty. It was now time to continue with our crossing through the Panama Canal where guest will enjoy and learn about this engineering wonder. Later on, guests were invited to share a delicious cocktail and eat some ceviche dish while enjoying the first set of locks called Miraflores. Tonight our goal is to reach the interior of the Gatun Lake as we finish with the first part of our transit through the Panama Canal. 

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About the Author

Adriana Diaz


The oldest of three sisters, Adriana was born in Alajuela, Costa Rica and still lives in this same province. Her interest in biology started at a very young age when she was immediately attracted to the beauty of nature and the secrecy within the forest elements. After taking part in several volunteer programs related to biology subjects, she was later inspired to study biology with an emphasis on tropical ecology and sustainable development. By 2010, Adriana obtained a bachelor’s degree at Universidad Latina de Costa Rica.

About the Photographer

Frank Simms


Frank is a naturalist guide with a long career path involving his beloved Costa Rica. He grew up in Escazu, a small town surrounded by blue and green mountains in the Central Valley. His admiration for nature and wildlife turned him into an autodidact photographer, and he feels most comfortable, relaxed and happy when sharing his knowledge with visitors.

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