Santa Cruz, Eden & Daphne Major Islets

Jan 02, 2019 - National Geographic Endeavour II

Today we woke up at the northern part of Santa Cruz Island. Far away from the inhabited area, it seemed as if we were in a different world. It is very dry on this side of the island, and slowly the new rain is reviving the vegetation into new life. We visited Cerro Dragon, a wonderful place to explore, and we were fortunate to find a good number of the endemic Galapagos land iguanas along the trail. Several Galapagos mockingbirds and Galapagos flycatchers were observed very closely. After the walk, our guests enjoyed a nice snorkeling excursion at Guy Fawkes islet, visibility was very good today and large school of colorful fish was seen. Even the snorkeling from the beach was fantastic this morning.

The afternoon was a real exploration of the coastal area around Eden Islet, with options for kayaking and the famous Zodiac driving lessons for our young explorers. This wonderful day ended with a wine tasting at the observation deck during the circumnavigation of Daphne Major Islet. Here the British scientists Peter and Rosemary Grant were studying the Darwin finches for more than two decades! Galapagos is iconic for its unique wildlife and thriving scientific research!

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About the Author

Wilo Castaneda


Wilo was born and raised in the Galápagos Islands. From an early age, he was fascinated by outdoors activities, and excelled at basketball, cycling, swimming, and snorkeling. In 1999, he trained to become a Naturalist Guide for Galápagos National Park and in 2002, he trained to become a Diver’s Guide for the Galápagos Marine Reserve. He has since worked as a guide on board various ships, gaining an intimate knowledge of all the island’s most-visited sites. Wilo enjoys scuba diving with large schools of hammerhead and whale sharks all around the archipelago. 

About the Videographer

Dave Katz

Video Chronicler

As a family growing up in the Finger Lakes region of New York, free time was spent in the outdoors. Dave’s mother, an earth science and biology teacher turned weekend hikes into informative lessons. The beautiful gorges, lakes and forests made a lasting impression.

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