Barro Colorado, Panama Canal Locks

Jan 13, 2019 - National Geographic Quest

Today we visited the island of Barro Colorado. The island serves as a research station in the middle of the lush rainforest, surrounded by the fresh waters of the Gatun Lake. Our guests were excited to go ashore and explore the nature trails where wildlife awaits being spotted. The tropical rainforest is the home of many animals such as the howler and spider monkeys, agoutis and gaudy birds. BCI is a unique place where scientists from all over the world conduct different studies focusing on ecology, animal biomass, biodiversity studies and soil samples.

After a very pleasant hike, our guests returned to the vessel, eager to pass the Panama Canal. This work of modern engineering was built in 1914 and is definitely a highlight of the trip. We share the waterway locks with other ships almost the same size as us.

During the afternoon, latin dances were conducted on the sundeck. Guests got the chance to share a real cultural experience while they enjoyed tropical salsa music accompanied by a delicious fresh ceviche and a cocktail.

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Maguil Céspedes


Although Maguil was born in San Jose, he was raised in the countryside of Costa Rica, and it was this experience that provided him with a deep knowledge of and a profound love for the rural life of Central America.  It was this passion for nature that led Maguil to study biology at the University of Costa Rica, where he received his master’s degree in 2002. His thesis explored the genetic structure of big leaf mahogany, an endangered species of tree that is commercially extinct in much of Central America.

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