Playa Blanca

Jan 17, 2019 - National Geographic Quest

Our day started in the middle of Golfo Dulce with an easy landing at Playa Blanca. I’ve never seen such a calm water area surrounded by so many mountain ranges. It was just a spectacular place, with scarlet macaws and yellow-throated toucans flying over us. We were welcomed by local guides who led us to different farms and trails. 

Some of the guests took a trip to a sugar cane farm to learn the process of making brown sugar, known as “tapa de dulce” in Costa Rica. Other guests learned about the tropical rain forest and its natural history.  Finally, a third group of guests learned about the heart of palm crop, a particularly nontraditional product of the country, during an active outing.  For me the most touching part was to travel to the rural town of Rancho Quemado and learn about artisanal gold mining.  Our trip is almost finished, but first we are ready for tomorrow.

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José Pérez


José Pérez was born in Panama City and grew up in the province of Coclé in the small town of El Valle de Anton, a picturesque village located in the caldera of the world's second largest volcano. From a young age he felt a deep affinity for nature, joining his grandfather and father for long walks to their farm where they would identify plants, insects, and animals.

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