Gardner Bay & Punta Suarez, Española Island

Jan 27, 2019 - National Geographic Endeavour II

Española Island is the oldest of the Galapagos Islands, located in the southeastern realm of the archipelago. The islands are of volcanic origin and are formed as a result of the activity from what geologists call a "hot spot.” As the Nazca Plate slides to the southeast over the volcano-producing area, new islands develop. This means that the islands towards the northwest are the youngest, and the ones on the opposite end are the oldest.

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Salvador Cazar studied biology at the Universidad Nacional Del Sur, Bahía Blanca, in Argentina and at the Catholic University of Ecuador. Between 1988 and 1994, Salvador worked as a naturalist and tour leader for several national and international tour operators, leading groups of visitors across the Ecuadorian rain forest, Andean forest, and to Galápagos.

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