Gorda Banks, San Jose del Cabo

Jan 31, 2019 - National Geographic Venture

Our morning was spent being enveloped by humpback whales as we neared today’s destination. We were able to watch a group of several males cavorting and breaching around with a female and her calf.

In the afternoon we visited the historic Mission of San Jose del Cabo as well as a bird estuary, led by our group’s naturalist.

We concluded our day in the company of a lovely sunset as we passed Cabo San Lucas, heading out from the Sea of Cortez and into the vast Pacific.

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Sean Neilson


The summer after Sean graduated from college, he waited tables in Yellowstone to delay entering “the real world”. It was there, in the unending beauty of such a special place, where he realized the natural world was the real world—and it had captured him. 

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