Elizabeth Bay and Punta Moreno, Isabela Island

Feb 03, 2019 - National Geographic Endeavour II

After our longest navigation of the week, the National Geographic Endeavour II sailed into the anchorage at the western end of the Perry Isthmus, the narrowest point on Isabela Island. Elizabeth Bay would become our gateway into the western realm of the archipelago, where we are planning to spend a full three days of our expedition. Here, guests had the chance to explore one of the oldest mangrove coves of the islands which teemed with marine wildlife from Pacific green sea turtles to Galapagos penguins. After a delicious Andean lunch, we visited Punta Moreno at the foot of Cerro Azul volcano where we explored from our Zodiacs, while snorkeling and hiking on the rugged volcanic landscape.

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About the Author

Benjamin Ayala


Ben is a German-Ecuadorian naturalist guide who grew up on San Cristobal, the eastern-most island of the Galápagos Archipelago, home to the political capital of the province.

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