Playa Blanca

Feb 04, 2019 - National Geographic Quest

Today National Geographic Quest has arrived at Playa Blanca. This place is located in Osa Península (Costa Rica) and tends to be one of the most memorable destinations on the itinerary. The reason is a very special one: the people.

Alongside the area’s rich biodiversity, Osa is the home of several people who have adopted sustainable living. Through this change of lifestyle, these Costa Ricans have also found an opportunity to share their lived experience with travelers from around the world.

One example of this is doña Eida. With her family, she runs a local heart of palm plantation. She welcomes our guests to explore her family’s operation, where we see how intimate life on Osa Peninsula can be with the surrounding ecology. Of course, then, visitors are invited to mingle and enjoy savory appetizers made using the family’s key crop. Another local important to Osa is Don Juan. He is a former gold digger, but in the years past he has since become an avid conservationist. On his property, he demonstrates to visitors how gold used to be extracted from the nearby creeks using a series of strainers to filter out the tiny gold flakes.

During lunch, our guests were lucky enough to see a folk dance performed by a group of children. This was a great day, and one filled with lots local charm, culture, and plenty of great people.

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About the Author

Frank Simms


Frank is a naturalist guide with a long career path involving his beloved Costa Rica. He grew up in Escazu, a small town surrounded by blue and green mountains in the Central Valley. His admiration for nature and wildlife turned him into an autodidact photographer, and he feels most comfortable, relaxed and happy when sharing his knowledge with visitors.

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