Sailing the Mekong

Feb 20, 2019 - The Jahan

Our travels from Phnom Penh took us about 70 miles north up the Mekong River to Chau Doc in Vietnam. Before setting off, however, we had one more to-do while in the capitol city of Cambodia: a morning photographic walk. Equipped with the day’s sunrise, we tried unique angles and combinations of light and shade to experiment with our camera subjects. We began on the river bank, and then during the bustle of the colourful morning market, we found ourselves beneath a colony of fruit bats roosting in the trees overhead.

Back on Jahan for a welcome breakfast, we were joined by the ebullient Dr Jean-Michel Filippi, an expert on Cambodia history, who had no trouble engaging our guests until lunchtime.

With lunch concluded, Jahan sailed toward the Vietnam border. The closer we approached, the better we were able to view, see, and smell the Vietnamese experience of the Mekong from the comfort of the outdoor lounge. Several of the more inquisitive guests joined a tour to learn about the inner workings of the ship and how our crew manage to keep everything running without a hitch.

Cultural specialist David Brotherson kept the show running through the afternoon as he presented on various cultural distinctions between Cambodia and Vietnam. This was followed by a hands-on cooking demonstration in the restaurant. This was highly anticipated, and the chef who led this craft course offered no shortage of generosity in dishing out secrets to some of the cruise’s most cherished meals thus far served. The highlight, of course, was sampling the results of the workshop afterwards.

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About the Author

Adam Britton

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Adam is a British-born zoologist who has lived and worked in northern Australia since 1997. Before arriving in Darwin, Adam gained a Ph.D. on the flight performance and echolocation of insectivorous bats, but his passion has always been large predators and the relationship that different cultures have toward them.

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