South Orkney Island

Feb 24, 2019 - National Geographic Explorer

Our last day in Antarctica was quite a special one. Rarely does National Geographic Explorer get to visit the far-flung South Orkney Islands. The place we intended to visit holds the record as the oldest Antarctic base still in operation. Orcadas Station, belonging to Argentina, came into view after our scenic route icebergs and the area’s smaller islands. Keen observers spotted numerous seabirds and marine mammals from the deck and the open bridge. After some formalities with the base commander, guests were invited to visit the station that is currently recording information on weather and studying plankton during both the summers and very long winters. Guests were escorted in small groups around the base’s many buildings and even invited them into the common area to share hot drinks and cookies. A delightful look into the lives and jobs of people working in Antarctica today. Afterward, we turned north toward South Georgia!

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James is your typical free-range Pacific Northwest outdoorsy type. Born in Seattle and reared nearby on Vashon Island, he is most comfortable in slightly cold and damp weather. James joined the Lindblad team in July 2016 as a dive buddy and has been in love with expedition travel since. On his own he has traveled to Europe, Asia, and Australia, but with Lindblad he hopes to continue his adventures across the globe, searching out the beauties of the natural world. An avid scuba diver James can’t help being excited about whales, sharks, and pinnipeds, but he will also happily bend your ear about underwater slugs and invertebrates. It’s best just to humor him about these things.

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