Hercules Bay, Maiviken, and Grytviken

Mar 15, 2019 - National Geographic Explorer

When we pulled into Hercules Bay early this morning, the 40-knot winds pounding out at sea came to an immediate halt. Out came the kayaks and zodiacs, then, and the guests that boarded them. Such watercraft are ideal for capturing the most intimate vantages of the stark terrain surrounding us. Four species of penguins later, we left the area for afternoon activities. Half of our group landed at Maiviken for an overland hike. A couple hours later, they met the rest of the group at Grytviken whaling station. Here we visited the now-famous whaling museum, a life-size replica of the James Caird, and capped the afternoon visiting the cemetery, where we toasted the famed Antarctic voyager Sir Ernest Shackleton.

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About the Author

Santiago Imberti


An ornithologist, photographer, fisherman, climber, and writer, Santiago Imberti was born and raised in southern Patagonia, Argentina. He obtained a degree in tourism and later in ornithology, which allowed him to combine his love for nature and the outdoors with his work as a birdwatcher, naturalist, fly fishing, and mountain guide. He has been guiding trips in Patagonia, the Antarctic, and Arctic for some 25 years.

About the Videographer

Eric Wehrmeister

Video Chronicler

Eric began his life on the far western edge of Chicago, where the concrete meets the cornfields.  His inspiration has always drawn from the expansive beauty of the natural world, as well as the endless forms that populate it.

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