Playa Blanca and Golfo Dulce

Mar 20, 2019 - National Geographic Quest

The pouring of sun over the mountains this morning marked another fantastic day on our Costa Rican voyage. We prepared for today’s expedition at Playa Blanca, which included visiting a series of family-owned farms to see customs of a life worlds apart from our own.

Some went for a tour of a small-operations gold mine. Others took the sugar mill tour, while more still went off to learn how heart of palm is grown and used for various food goods. One of the highlights that day included a visit to Finca Kobo, a unique farm that grows several tropical fruits and plants together with unique cocoa trees that later are harvested to make tasty cocoa products, which we had the good fortune to sample at the end of the tour.

That afternoon allowed for kayaking along the coast and ample beach time for those looking to relax. Guests who were out hiking caught the “surprise refreshment” of a rainforest rainstorm during their return, though everyone made it back safely and in good spirits. What lovely and unforgettable experiences we’ve had! This day’s memories are certainly ones for keeping.

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About the Author

Deibys Fonseca


Deibys Fonseca was born and raised in the mountains of western Panama. From a very young age, his interest in nature led him to become a volunteer guide for La Amistad International Park in the administrative headquarters of Chiriqui. His knowledge in geography and flora and fauna led him to participate in multiple wildlife research projects in his community, among which highlight a population census of bats, birds and plants developed by ANCON.

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