Ucayali River, Belluda Caño & El Dorado

Mar 14, 2019 - Delfin II

This day brings our Amazon expedition into the most remote geographical point of our adventure in Peru. Every caño has its own particular beauty, but also, seems to have more presence of certain species. The rivers wind permanently, always decorated with lush vegetation on each side. Our guests became active spotters of wildlife, closely working together with our local guides.

On the second skiff outing of the day, guests are surprised with a later return. The idea, allowing them to experience the forest after sunset, when darkness takes over. Engulfed within the sounds of nature, our local guides point powerful spotlights into the water surface in search for caymans. As we return to the boat, big smiles and happy comments are heard in the dark of the night.

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Kike Calvo

National Geographic Photographer

Award-winning photographer, journalist, and author Kike Calvo specializes in culture and environment. He has been on assignment in more than 90 countries, working on stories ranging from belugas in the Arctic to traditional Hmong costumes in Laos.

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