Bahia Almejas and Isla Margarita

Mar 25, 2019 - National Geographic Sea Bird

Our trip in Baja California Sur, Mexico is off to a fantastic start. Last night, guests arrived to Puerto San Carlos and embarked National Geographic Sea Bird. During dinner and throughout the night, we transited south through the Bahia Magdalena-Almejas system to anchor off of the coast of Isla Margarita. Inside of a chain of barrier islands, these bays are ideal locations for the mating and birthing activities of the East Pacific gray whales. This morning and afternoon, guests alternated between going ashore on Isla Margarita to explore the unique flora and getting into local pangas – multi-purpose fiberglass boats – with hopes of glimpsing their first whales of the expedition.

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JIll Niederberger


Jill grew up in the suburbs of San Francisco, California. She has an incredible respect for the ocean that was founded on family vacations to Baja California, and nurtured in the tide pools along the coast of Big Sur.

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