Genovesa Island

Mar 29, 2019 - National Geographic Endeavour II

Today onboard National Geographic Endeavour II we visited Genovesa Island, a horseshoe shaped island located in the northeastern region of the Galapagos archipelago. The isolation of this island has created the perfect conditions for sea birds, currently they are the most numerous inhabitants of the place. This island is certainty a bird paradise, we walk among hundreds of Nazca boobies, swallow tailed gulls, frigate birds and the very colorful red-footed boobies. The entire site is a nesting ground for all of its creatures. It was amazing to see all the red-footed boobies and Nazca boobies’ nests, eggs, and chicks just being taken care of by their parents. We also spotted a short ear owl -- this top predator was hunting a Galapagos petrel on the cliff. We patiently watched the hunting process until the owl got a prey and flew next to us to eat it. All these magnificent birds together with the very contrasting landscape make it one of the most fabulous places on earth. Today’s images will remain in our hearts for the rest of our lives. What a special way to end our expedition around this enchanted archipelago aboard National Geographic Endeavour II.

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About the Author

Africa Berdonces


Africa grew up in the Galápagos Islands where she spent her childhood exploring with her family, surrounded by exquisite nature. She took her first scuba diving lesson with her father off the coast of Sombrero Chino Island when she was just 12 years old. That first dive opened up a new and unexplored part of the natural world to her. Africa became enchanted by local marine life and went on to become a divemaster, working as both a dive guide and naturalist in her beloved islands.

About the Videographer

David Pickar

Video Chronicler

David Pickar is a native of Portland, Oregon. He studied anthropology at the University of Oregon, then spent several years working as a field archaeologist. Participating in excavations in countries like Jordan, Belize and Italy and in every corner of the US, allowed him to witness culture and the environment from an unusual perspective.

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