Casa Orquideas and Turtle Project (LAST)

Apr 02, 2019 - National Geographic Quest

All right, we are now in Costa Rica! National Geographic Quest arrived early this morning to Golfito, and after going through customs, we headed directly to Casa Orquideas. Our dear friends Trudy and Ron were there to welcome us one last time for our final visit to Casa Orquideas.

Our guests had a great chance to walk around the property with the naturalists. Birdwatching, plants identification, and of course photography, was encouraged. There was something for everyone in such a beautiful place. We thanked Trudy and Ron for their genuine friendship and for sharing so much with us in the short time we have been here.

In the afternoon, National Geographic Quest repositioned to Playa Blanca. Scientists of Latin America Sea Turtles greeted us and gave one very expansive lecture about sea turtles. We visited their local project for the protection of turtles and the mangroves communities.

We learned how they acquire data from sea turtles, and we had the opportunity to release two green sea turtles and a hawksbill sea turtle after collecting the information gathered. Part of the afternoon experience also included planting of the seedlings of red and tea mangroves. This was definitely a PURA VIDA day!

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About the Author

Frank Simms


Frank is a naturalist guide with a long career path involving his beloved Costa Rica. He grew up in Escazu, a small town surrounded by blue and green mountains in the Central Valley. His admiration for nature and wildlife turned him into an autodidact photographer, and he feels most comfortable, relaxed and happy when sharing his knowledge with visitors.

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