Playa Blanca and the Inland Costa Rica

Apr 03, 2019 - National Geographic Quest

We kept going with the exploration of the land of the Pura Vida, and we had the great opportunity to choose two out of the three activities on the table for that day, each geared to better acquaint us with the culture and natural environs of Costa Rica.

Following departure to Playa Blanca, we toured gold panning and heart of palm operations. It was astounding to see how many everyday products, food related and otherwise, that one will find the heart of palm or “palmito” part of. We afterward ate the most delicious “empanadas” we’ve had over the whole of this trip, then afterward visited a chocolate plantation. Guests quickly realized upon sampling that actual chocolate is quite a bit stronger (and far less sweet) than that bought in western grocery stores.

Our morning excursions were followed with a lunch on the beach, with the big surprise of the performance of local school children dancing in traditional folklore dress. Today was one for the books!

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Bryan Obregon

Bryan Obregon

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