Punta Belcher and At Sea

Apr 04, 2019 - National Geographic Venture

The morning began with calm seas as National Geographic Venture headed into the entrance of Magdalena Bay to reach Punta Belcher. Before heading to shore, our guests enjoyed a presentation on the importance of plankton: a small and often unconsidered species within the ocean upon which so much marine life depends. The Zodiacs were deployed, reached shore, and guests spread over the beach in search of birds and trinkets embedded within the sand. In the afternoon, we enjoyed several encounters with blue whales out in the open waters of the Pacific, their immense forms painting the horizon. With a forecast so ideal, we decided to have an afternoon stretch class on deck, following with a food and mescal pairing, then after taking cocktail hour on the back deck to make the most of an immaculate sunset. As always, Baja California brings immeasurable experiences to guests.

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About the Author

Paul North

Undersea Specialist

For over a decade Paul North has been exploring the marine ecosystems of our planet. Whereas most think of diving as a warm water activity, he has chosen the road less traveled–specializing in polar diving. This has provided many rare opportunities to dive and explore from the Arctic to Antarctica and many wondrous places in between.

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