Española Island

Apr 08, 2019 - National Geographic Islander

Disembarking National Geographic Islander, we began today’s voyage at Española Island. We loaded into the Zodiacs to explore Gardner Bay and the neighboring islets. Snorkeling and kayak rides throughout the morning provided excellent opportunities to explore the area’s marine and coastal terrain. Later we sailed to the western end of Española, along the calm leeward coast. During the afternoon we visited Punta Suarez, where we had superb wildlife sightings, highlights of which included nesting Galapagos marine iguanas and some of the first waved albatross to return to the island this year.

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About the Author

Benjamin Ayala


Ben is a German-Ecuadorian naturalist guide who grew up on San Cristobal, the eastern-most island of the Galápagos Archipelago, home to the political capital of the province.

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