Floreana Island

Apr 09, 2019 - National Geographic Islander

Today we explored Floreana Island in the southern regions of the Galapagos. Our day began along Floreana’s northern shore, at Punta Cormorant, where courtship was in full swing between a scattering of greater flamingoes of blue-footed boobies. Afterward that morning’s photo expedition, we re-boarded, navigating to Champion Islet just north of Floreana, where we spent much of our afternoon over Zodiac rides and deep-water snorkeling off the coast.

Then in the afternoon National Geographic Islander took us to Post Office Bay. Being the world’s oldest passive mail system, visitors check through deposited letters and will, if an address is close enough, take the parcel along for the next stage of delivery upon return. Guests had the chance to kayak and paddleboard in the protected bay between Champion and Floreana, and those who didn’t get enough snorkeling earlier on were able to gear up and do it all over again.

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About the Author

Gilda Gonzalez


Gilda was born in Ambato, located in the very heart of the Ecuadorian Andes. Since she was a child, she loved animals, often rescuing street cats and dogs. Her parents always made sure there were nature books and plenty of Jacques Cousteau’s videos at home. She graduated from high school with a degree in chemistry and biology. Afterwards, Gilda obtained a B.A. in tourism and hotel management in Quito. She also studied English, French and German, later spending two months in Brussels, Belgium.

About the Photographer

Paulina Saa


María, who goes by her middle name Paulina, was born and raised far from the sea in the Andean city of Quito, the capital of Ecuador. She came to the Galápagos Archipelago for the first time on holiday when she was nine years old, and was smitten. She became obsessed with the idea of one day working in the islands, which inspired her to get her B.Sc. in biology at the Catholic University of Ecuador, followed by a master’s degree in management and ecotourism in natural areas at the university’s graduate school.

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