Pitcairn Island

Apr 03, 2019 - National Geographic Orion

At sunrise our ship was in front of Pitcairn Island, the legendary place of the Bounty mutineers and their descendants. The conditions to go ashore were perfect, so we had the opportunity to spend the whole day inland and explore this small speck of land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

After walking the Hill of Difficulty, we were in the main square of Adamstown, the heart of this community. From there, our guests went on different hikes to all corners of the island. Some of us went up to Christian’s Cave, the place where the legend says Fletcher Christian used to go to lookout for ships in the horizon, afraid of being discovered and trialed for his leadership in the mutiny.

We also walked up to Highest Point where we were graced by a full view of Pitcairn Island, and walked down to St. Paul’s pool, were immense waves were hammering the rocks and filling this natural pool with violent waters. This sight was an impressive show of the force the ocean has, making us feel small compared to the power nature can have in this planet.

We could all feel the hospitality and friendship of the local community. In the main square they shared with us their creations, their life stories, and showed us their unique culture, the pride they hold for their history, and their love for the land they called home.

We seized the chance of visiting Pitcairn to its fullest, leaving this legendary place with new friends and understanding how lucky we were to land here to meet the beautiful people that call this place home.

A mythical island, a true gem in the ocean, a perfect example of how the people make this so special, how their love for this land and their friendly welcome fills Pitcairn with love for their history, their present community, and their future generations.

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Born in Chile and raised in Argentina, Alex spent his childhood living in different parts of these countries and getting to know the local cultures.

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