Genovesa Island

Apr 13, 2019 - National Geographic Islander

In the hours before breakfast, we reached shore at Darwin Bay on Genovesa Island for an early morning excursion that would christen a day full of adventure. The morning was cool and comfortable, and already there was host of wildlife to be seen here.

On Genovesa it is mating season for the great frigate birds, so there was no shortage of males displaying their rich red gular sacs for incoming females. Several other males were sitting together displaying with loud calls, shaking their wings to any female that flew near. We got a chance to see several pairs form.

One of the most attractive bird species occupying Genovesa is the red-footed booby, which this island has the largest colony of. Many were nesting, and we encountered juveniles and adults all over the beach. After breakfast, we went snorkeling and kayaking along the cliffs. Around this area there were several Galapagos fur seals, and we even got to see several chase each other and squabble over territory.

Come afternoon, we headed toward another location called Prince Phillip Steps. This was a great place to finish out the week, as we observed many Nazca boobies, frigates, and swallowed-tailed gulls. After looking for a while, we found the island’s top predator, the short-eared owl, and it was hunting for Galapagos storm petrels.

We returned aboard after this last walk and spent the last hours of our time in Galapagos in the company of a vibrant evening sky.

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