Isabela Island

Apr 17, 2019 - National Geographic Islander

Today we explored two different sites on Isabela’s western coast. Urbina Urbina Bay was our first destination, a region of land uplifted from the sea floor in 1954, as a result of an earthquake some 30 miles west of the archipelago. Part of the evidence left from this geological event can be found all along the trail, including coral, shells, and pieces of mangroves encountered as far as a mile from the shore! After exploring the trail, we went ashore to enjoy a refreshing beach-side swim.

During lunch, National Geographic Islander repositioned and dropped anchor at Tagus Cove. This site lies within the central realm of Isabela Island, boasts of calm waters, and was just the right place for us to deploy kayaks and go snorkeling. Further into the afternoon we went ashore with our guests and had a great exercise walk to the top of a small spatter cone, from there we had a sweeping view of volcanoes stretched across the island.

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About the Author

Gilda Gonzalez


Gilda was born in Ambato, located in the very heart of the Ecuadorian Andes. Since she was a child, she loved animals, often rescuing street cats and dogs. Her parents always made sure there were nature books and plenty of Jacques Cousteau’s videos at home. She graduated from high school with a degree in chemistry and biology. Afterwards, Gilda obtained a B.A. in tourism and hotel management in Quito. She also studied English, French and German, later spending two months in Brussels, Belgium.

About the Photographer

Cindy Manning

Expedition Leader

Cindy was raised in a family that was fortunate enough to live in many different countries across the globe. During her formative years, she counted Latin America and Europe as home, with periods in-between living in Illinois and Indiana, where she attended Earlham College.

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