Bartolome Island and Rábida Island

Apr 29, 2019 - National Geographic Islander

We began in the early morning on Bartolome Island with an early hike to the top of the island. Here we saw pioneer plants busy establishing themselves in arid spaces where most other plant species cannot. Around also were lava lizards, and during the last portion of our hike, back at Bartolome’s beach, five little penguins came to see us before we disembarked. Guests took this as an omen of heightened marine life to be present during the water activities we had planned for the afternoon—and it was! Sharks, sea stars, schools of colorful fish and paddling penguins were all in abundance.

For lunch we had a traditional Ecuadorian buffet and a well-deserved nap afterward meant we were ready for an afternoon of Snorkeling, hiking, and kayaking along Rábida Island.

For ending the day, we were to have a relaxing sunset walk along a Red Sandy Beach in Rábida Island.

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About the Author

Ixora Berdonces


Ixora was born in the Galapagos Islands, back when the streets were made of sand and gravel. Void of TV and tablets, her childhood friends and pristine natural surroundings made for an inspiring upbringing. She was always drawn to the ocean and her local environment, with her first adventures taking place underwater, in mangrove estuaries, and perched in treetops. Not surprisingly, she was scuba diving before the age of 12 and led her first diving trips as a Dive Master in the Galapagos Marine Reserve when she was 18. 

About the Photographer

Walter Perez

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Walter was born in a very small town on the mainland of Ecuador. His first trip to the Galápagos was when he was 12 years old, visiting friends and aunt, who had moved to the islands. From the first moment he saw the Islands, he fell in love with them and knew then where his future home would be.

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