Anaa, Tuamotus, French Polynesia

May 08, 2019 - National Geographic Orion

Today was the first time National Geographic Orion visited the Anaa atoll, and it turned out to be quite a special place. We had half a day there, most of which was spent as visitors in the main village, which has a population of about 400 people. Everyone we met greeted us with a smile and a warm welcome. We enjoyed music, a demonstration of local competitive sports, fresh coconut water, bike rides, and a dip in a picture-perfect lagoon. Mostly, we cherished the opportunities to interact with adorable local children and make fast friends with members of the community. Based on our wonderful time there, this will surely not be the last time National Geographic Orion visits this lovely little island paradise.

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About the Author

Jacob Edgar

Cultural Specialist

Jacob is an ethnomusicologist, world music tastemaker and global explorer with an insatiable curiosity for the diverse ways in which people express themselves through music.  Jacob’s adventures have taken him to dozens of countries, and hundreds of the world’s greatest international music festivals, showcases and performance venues in search of exceptional musical talents.

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