Victoria, B.C.

May 14, 2019 - National Geographic Quest

This morning the ship made its way along the coast of Vancouver Island, docking just after breakfast at the harbor in Victoria. As we stepped off the boat, rain gear was prepared as we walked through the official entrance to Canada. Although the weather was initially dreary with low-hung clouds, optimism paved the way for a much brighter outlook for exploration within the capital of British Colombia.

A wealth of options were provided for the choice of how guests might like to spend the morning and afternoon. Some decided to brave the grim forecast and take a more adventurous approach to see the city, opting for the 12-mile cycling trip with stops at the harbor, a local pub, and a nearby castle.

Others chose the more educational route, under the guidance of a local guide, which involved a walk through the city, covering thousands of years of history as well as a boat ride to Ogden Point. The legislature building and royal museum were on the agenda for others, with the opportunity to view the preserved cultural property of the province as a whole. A garden walk to explore several private curations scattered throughout the city, or an architecture tour of the town to highlight different buildings in the area gave yet another choice for sightseeing.

Following lunch, there were a couple of hours in the afternoon that allowed for a second choice of activities. In the evening, everyone gathered at the Robert Bateman Centre for appetizers and drinks while admiring artwork.

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Hannah Rogers


Although Hannah did not grow up adventuring in the outdoors or traveling around the world, she stumbled upon these in university and it has become two of her biggest passions. From guiding multi-day backpacking trips in southern Utah, to working on glaciers and rivers around the world, she finds true joy in showing others pristine nature. After working in backcountry lodges in interior Alaska, she has fallen in love with the arctic environment. It is not uncommon for her to spend the summers in the Southern Hemisphere and Northern Hemisphere, maximizing the warm climate and sunshine. With a few months off to travel around the world in between- experiencing culture and finding the smaller remote towns to go for a hike or a backpacking trip, she leaves pieces of her heart all over the world.

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David Pickar is a native of Portland, Oregon. He studied anthropology at the University of Oregon, then spent several years working as a field archaeologist. Participating in excavations in countries like Jordan, Belize and Italy and in every corner of the US, allowed him to witness culture and the environment from an unusual perspective.

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