San Jorge Community and Clavero Lake

Apr 29, 2019 - Delfin II

The Upper Amazon is a lot more than animals. It’s also about the people who live along the river edges, and their methods of survival. Today we had the opportunity to meet the people of San Jorge Community. This is one of the pilot communities that Minga Peru, a non-profit organization, has been helping with the formation of community leaders, fish-farming projects, and sustainable farming plots.

We spent the morning visiting with the students of the elementary school and some families home. We also gathered in their community center to learn more about Minga Peru’s projects and how their lives have changed for the better due to those programs.

In the afternoon, we explored Clavero lake and its tributaries. In addition to several species of birds, we sighted the smallest primate in the world, the pygmy marmoset. He was so focused on licking the sap of a tree that he just ignored our photographers, who were so excited to have found him.

The Upper Amazon is loaded with a great diversity of animals and plants. We are enjoying it more and more every day!

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Cristian Moreno

Undersea Specialist

Cristian is a Panamanian born in Chile. He grew up in Panama City until the age of 19 when he returned to Chile to go to college where he received a degree in metallurgic civil engineering. Since 1995 he has been working as a freelance naturalist in Panama. Specializing in bird watching and ecology, he also has a passion for indigenous cultures, hiking and trekking. He is a certified scuba diver and is often found exploring coral reefs along the Caribbean coast of Panama.

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