Bora Bora

May 23, 2019 - National Geographic Orion

This morning we arrived at the famous Bora Bora Island. This renowned French Polynesia gem has a lot to offer. Incredible scenery, an enticing turquoise reef lagoon, stunning over-the-water bungalows and the warm local hospitality. We explored this paradise by 4x4WD and “Le Truck” and in the afternoon, we had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious lunch and a local music performance in our own private little island! What a fantastic last day of our expedition in French Polynesia!

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About the Author

Cristiana Damiano

Cristiana Damiano


Cristiana was born and raised in Brazil.  Being surrounded by natural beauty and diverse culture instilled her desire for exploration at a young age.  Her passion for wilderness, different cultures and inhospitable regions led her to pursue a career in ecology, oceanography and, ultimately, the pursuit of a Ph.D. in environmental sciences and coral reef ecology in Australia.  Her travels have taken her to the Amazon and Borneo jungles, the higher mountains of Southeast Asia, the Great Barrier Reef and Far Northern Reefs, Papua New Guinea villages, volcanoes in Guatemala and the deep seas in many remote islands around the globe. 

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