Belluda & Dorado River

May 16, 2019 - Delfin II

This morning we setup very early to explore some of the many tributaries of the Amazon River. Rain is always expected in the rainforest, and after all, all this water must come from somewhere! But in fact, throughout the whole day, the weather was quite fantastic! Both our morning and afternoon skiff rides were blessed by perfect weather, and we had lots of excellent sightings. We come here to look for the wildlife, but often forget that the wildlife is also looking at us. High up in the dense vegetation, there are lots of eyes watching at our every move. Today we had great views of some of these eyes peeking at us, including a three-toed sloth, chestnut-eared toucans, and night-monkeys with their huge eyes. All three animals we caught infraganti, red-handed, as they also looked back at us with curiosity.

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About the Author

José Calvo

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Nicknamed “Indio” (Indian) because of his powers of observation and quiet nature, José has almost two decades of experience working as a naturalist and photography guide; as well as being recognized as an expert birder and nature photographer in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is rich in biodiversity — over 893 bird species have been recorded in the country. Since very young José spent all of his free time in the outdoors in the forest, where he soon fell in love with the birds. He particularly enjoys listening to their calls, and watching their behavior. Oddly enough, another one of Jose’s passions is science and technology, and because of this, he was among the first in Costa Rica to experiment with digital photography. As the technology quickly improved so did his love for it.  He truly believes that nature photography is the perfect combination of both of his passions.

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