At Sea from the Marquesas to Hawaii

Jun 01, 2019 - National Geographic Orion

National Geographic Orion continues to make good time on our way north on the long passage from the Marquesas to Hawaii. This was an important route for the original Polynesian navigators whose incredible voyages of exploration found and settled these islands a thousand years ago. Following their historic paths is an exciting prospect. And although our experience aboard our luxurious modern ship is utterly different than theirs, we can still reach for some connection to them here in the expansive waters of the Pacific. Today we passed a milestone that was well known to them in their own way of seeing the world of the Equator.

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About the Author

David Cothran

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

David has worked for Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic since 1993 on six continents and in over 65 countries. David is interested in many of the natural sciences, particularly ornithology, geology and marine biology; he most enjoys contrasting the broad perspectives provided by world travel with detailed investigations of local ecosystems on land and in the sea.

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