Haines, Alaska

Jun 01, 2019 - National Geographic Sea Bird

Our day in Haines presented a lot of options. Guests had the opportunity to choose from activities, ranging from biking and canoeing to river rafting and good old hiking in the temperate rainforest. Some guests chose to flightsee over the landscape of glacially scoured forest. Others went fly-fishing. There was something for everyone!

Rain and shine—today we had both. The day began with a bit of rain that gave way to some partly cloudy-partly sunny skies and that gave us the opportunity to experience Haines in different moods. The really incredible thing about Southeast Alaska is that no matter what the day brings, weather-wise, no matter what mood one experiences, it seems perfectly appropriate. And today was a day to revel and enjoy what the region delivered to us.

The Mount Riley Trail hiking group tackled an exquisite piece of rainforest. We passed through some mature sections with Sitka spruce four feet in diameter and very large hemlock trees. The size of these trees indicates the old age of the forest. Some of us made it to the summit for a grand vista, others enjoyed a more moderate pace and took in the rainforest at their leisure. All returned happy with the experience.

After the activities, guests had the opportunity to visit some of the attractions in town including the Hammer and Sheldon Jackson Museums, the local brewery, various parks, and the harbor. Walking around the town of Haines was a lovely way to spend a part of the afternoon. Once back on board, we feasted on ribs and crab—a monumental way to end a magnificent day!

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