En route to Hawaii: Sea Life

Jun 02, 2019 - National Geographic Orion

After the excitement and ceremony of crossing the equator yesterday, we woke up slow and refreshed this morning. Wanting to get outside and stretch, we wondered aft, where we found our expedition leader Jimmy White and dive master Beau Price in a session of coffee and yoga.

We may have found in our midst an animal whisperer. Every time guest adventurer Vern Western shows up we seem to find ourselves treated to a spectacular variety of marine activity. His presence is sought commonly.

This morning it was spinner dolphins, and in numbers too great to count as they went on breaching off wake of National Geographic Orion.

This morning’s lecture came from our intrepid Polynesian navigator Tua. In a patient, heartfelt delivery, he taught us about his ancient skills, including the way of the Pwo (pounder). A master navigator, the Pwo bears the responsibility of “pounding” the malleability of the novice and turning them into navigators.

We have left the doldrums behind and are headed to the trade winds. A rainbow straddles the horizon. Listening closely, we can hear the faint sound of the drums from Hawaii calling. Adventure forward, great islands await!

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About the Author

Rick Sleeter; Shane Heath

Rick Sleeter; Shane Heath

About the Photographer

Javier Cotin


Javier 's passion for birds and nature began as a child exploring the Pyrenees mountains with his father. The mystery that surrounds the Lammergeier silhouette triggered his curiosity and interest towards wildlife. 

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