Chatham Strait and Saginaw Bay, Alaska

Jun 05, 2019 - National Geographic Quest

This morning dawned a surprisingly sunny and gorgeous day as National Geographic Quest made its way south, down Chatham Strait. Sleeping in a little later than normal, guests woke to views of a beautiful waterfall and multiple humpback whales spouting and stirring in search of fish. Picking up Dr. Andy Szabo of the Alaska Whale Foundation, the guests learned about research the foundation does on humpback whale health and the specific culture of bubblenet feeding exhibited by certain species of Alaska’s Southeast. After brunch, National Geographic Quest anchored deep off Kuiu Island’s Saginaw Bay. Guests went ashore to kayak, sightsee by stand-up paddleboard, and hike the island’s terrain. After a day’s worth of exploration, the Global Explorers onboard enjoyed a pizza and movie night while the adults dined and recounted the day’s highlights.

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About the Author

JIll Niederberger


Jill is an aquatic biologist, naturalist, divemaster, and captain with a love for everything living in and depending on water. Whether sailing catamarans, leading snorkeling tours, or assisting with cetacean field research projects, she enjoys connecting others to the wilderness around them. Her most recent adventures have led her into a focus on marine mammals – those creatures with fur and blubber that defy the odds by living in or depending on an environment in which they cannot breathe.

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