Baranof Island: Lake Eva

Jun 05, 2019 - National Geographic Sea Bird

Early morning in a misty strait. Verdant mountains formed a backdrop. Brisk sea air gave one a slight shiver. Early risers greeted seabirds aboard National Geographic Sea Bird—common loons, marbled murrelets, and a handful of pigeon guillemots dotted the seascape. Dall’s porpoise wrested our attention from the horizon as they rode the ship’s bow, their striking black-and-white coloration on full display. Three humpback whales cruised along the coast and completed the morning’s trifecta.

The anchor was set off Baranof Island in the afternoon for our Lake Eva activities. Trekkers strode off into the old-growth forest, and kayakers explored the intricacies of the cove. A high bar was set on day one of Wild Alaska.

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About the Author

Daniel Baldwin


An educator at heart, Dan finds great joy in opening doors for others to explore and connect with the world around them. He has taught marine sciences in the Florida Keys and on Catalina Island, and science and math in international schools in Mexico, Costa Rica, and the South Pacific. 

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